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Time clock systems are an important part of any business monitoring your employees so that their paychecks are accurate is very important. Over the years the systems have become more advanced and include many additional features. Call us for more details and to find out what time clock system is right for your business. (916) 213-9904

Time Clock System Installation in Sacramento

One of our major focuses at Mr. surveillance has been how to automate business tasks. One of those tasks is your weekly payroll. With a modern time clock system that has been integrated into your surveillance system can display your employees as they clock in and out.

The automation of this weekly task can eliminate a massive amount of hours of your bookkeepers time. Typically from installing a time clock system you can reach your ROI for the system in a matter of weeks.

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Time Clock System Installation Sacramento

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Time Clock System Installation

If you employ hourly workers within your business, a time clock is often a way to gather payroll data and make track of the comings and goings of your employees. Some types of time clocks can even aid in security by reducing the fraudulent using personal employee information. You can select from a number of varieties of time clocks for your business.

Punch Card Clock

A punch card unit is probably the most common form of time. The employee places an occasion card into the machine, which triggers the printing mechanism and prints time and date onto the card. Punch card clocks are compatible with small businesses because of their simplicity. They can also keep a running total at work hours, which aids in payroll management.

Digital Clock

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An electronic time clock is a modernized form of the punch card clock. Rather than inserting a time card, the worker swipes a card containing a magnetic strip through the machine, which records the date and time. Another version of digital clock is an electronic known as on which the employee keys in the personalized code.

Time Station Software

Time station software allows employees to log in and out on a personal computer. Depending on the type of software, the company can require employees to make use of one specific computer or their individual workstations for time entry. An edge for the business is that it can download the time information into payroll software packages for easy record-keeping.

Fingerprint Clocks

Fingerprint clocks prevent potential fraud by reading a individual fingerprint. The staff member presses her finger from the scanner, which then the printing. If the machine accepts paper, it produces an audible sound. This eliminates the requirement for punch or key cards, as well as the employees have to memorize a code.

Hand Punch Clocks

Hand punch clocks work much like fingerprint clocks, apart from the user places the palm of his hand onto a scanner as opposed to a finger. The process is rapid and efficient, less than one second. Like the fingerprint clock, these clocks work in preventing where one employee logs in or out for an additional.

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