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Types of Access Control Systems

There are many different varieties of access control devices and systems used for different purposes. If you are looking to use an access control system for commercial or residential use, there are many forms of access control devices available to you. An access control system gives users access and authority to manipulate certain areas or resources in a specific facility or pc within the control of the owner.

It is an everyday thing we are normally oblivious to, but they are everywhere we go. A few examples of access control systems are locks on the automobile door much like your key fob to automatically lock and unlock your automobile. Another form of access control will be your pin on a debit card or perhaps bouncers in front of your nightclub or courthouse. Access control can be quite a significant resource when people are looking to safely secure confidential or sensitive information or equipment.

There are numerous access control devices from which to choose. The types of door hardware include exit devices and push bars which are used when exiting a top-notch traffic building say for example a theater. You typically see exit devices as a possible emergency exit which allows exiting easily and immediately. Other door hardware devices include keypads and alarm locks that secure a unique area to prevent theft and break-ins. Appears to be unauthorized user gains access, then an alarm will go off and away to warn those inside building. A keypad can be used to restrict use of unauthorized users that needs an access code or password to appreciate entry.

A different sort of door hardware which can be used for access control are vault doors. The objecive of a vault door will be to safely secure not merely personal heirlooms, weapons or guns, business and family records, photographs, jewelry, art, collectibles and rare antiques. A vault door is usually constructed beyond thick steel barrier to protect against extremely hot temperatures plus thick bolts to ensure your valuables feel safe. Vault doors can also be used as a storm shelter, notably if you live in a place where hurricanes, tornadoes and weather conditions are persistent.

Other sorts of access control are push buttons. You mainly see push buttons found in case of the emergency or even the handicapped. Push buttons are hard to miss being that they are larger than normal buttons this will let you bright red color. The same costs handicapped buttons but you are indicated with all the ordinary handicap blue color. These push buttons are usually seen at hospitals or buildings with high person traffic offering easy entry and exiting through your building and never have to physically push or pull the threshold.

You will also see various kinds of access control locks like electric strikes and magnetic door locks. Electric strikes are always used for doors that apply electricity for the strike, that will grant access. There is a couple of forms of configurations such as fail-safe or fail-secure. A fail-secure configuration will lock the doors and grow locked in case of the power or circuit failure. The alternative applies to a fail-safe configuration where an electric current is applied exactly the same except it locks the edge, restricting access. In the power or circuit failure the doors would simply open for access. Sometimes electric strikes use a buzzer, which the user outside can hear if the door is open.

For magnetic door locks you will find electromagnets that affix to the doorframe as well as the door itself that create the door to securely shut tight. The potency of the magnetic locks is useful like your typical door lock. Together with the magnetic attractive force, magnetic locks usually takes up to 1200 pounds of force and they are very compact. Some magnetic locks are available with an infrared remote release to allow entry.

Intercoms are a fantastic access control device. They provide the benefit of communicating out user through another intercom device or phone without having to walk up to the entranceway to check on. Intercoms are typically mounted beyond a residential apartment building, which are usually vandal and safe from nature’s elements. With intercoms you’ve got different stations for many users. Some intercoms feature over two stations or maybe a monitor so that you can see that you might be talking to.

Whether you’re looking for an access control device for your home or business, it is very important have one to safeguard not only your valuables, but in addition your family members and employees in case of a break-in or intruder. There’s a wide selection of access control devices for example card readers, digital locks, key switches, keypads plus more available to you determined by what you need. Take time to see which technique is the right one for you and you’ll be soon along staying safe and sound.

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Wireless DVR System Installation

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At Mr. surveillance we focus on the most recent high-tech security and surveillance products. With the creation of IP cameras installation has became very easy and inexpensive call us to learn more(916) 213-9904

Wireless DVR system installation in Sacramento

Wireless cameras have fast become the easy alternative to a secure home with installation for each camera under an hour in a camera system can easily be installed in a day.
Mr. surveillance focuses on home security and surveillance for residential and commercial properties throughout the northern California area. Based out of Sacramento we serve the surrounding area through one of our four offices.

Call us for all of your surveillance needs including nanny cams and night vision cameras. (916) 213-9904

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Mr Surveillance is the best security service installation company in the Northern California area. For several years we have provided Business Owners and Home Owners in City of Sacramento and Surrounding areas with surveillance and security solutions or personal protection products. Our goal is to provide the best professional installations and services for IP security cameras, network remote access, commercial access control systems, security video surveillance systems, wireless security cameras and home security alarms for all residential and commercial properties. We are leading service provider of hi-tech surveillance systems across Northern California by exceeding our customers expectations of quality service at a great price. With years of experience Mr Surveillance has serviced several hundreds of Residential Homes and Commercial Business locations in the Greater Sacramento Area. We create a secure environment at your property through the installation of surveillance equipment. We are fully prepared to educate you on the operation of your system as well as integrate your system in to your network . We install anything from a nanny cams to a 100 channel NVR system. Maybe you need a hidden camera, in which case you may want to check out our page on Nanny cams or hidden cameras for your surveillance needs. We will assist in the installing of hidden camera surveillance systems in to your home an help protect your family or business. Mr Surveillance is here to provide professional installation and knowledge when installing your new camera system; The best place, position, angles to install your security cameras and DVR system. We are able to integrate several property’s and systems into one network allowing you to monitor all of your systems in one dashboard. Mr Surveillance is an quality security provider, with custom cutting edge technology designed to protect to your office or home. We bring the future of IP security to your life and it all starts with a click of a button. Affordable and easy top of the line technology. Providing you with peace of mind and sense of security you deserve. At Mr Surveillance we focus on the best service and products available.

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IP Wireless Camera Installation In Sacramento Ca. DVR Security system Installation for the Sacramento Residents. “Mr Surveillance” is Sacramento’s best full service security company. For years we’ve been providing Sacramento residents with residential and commercial property crime prevention methods and personal security such as IP surveillance systems and wireless security systems.

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Our goal is to provide the most professional installation and service of security cameras, remote access, access control systems, security alarms and video surveillance systems for every residential and commercial application.


I have used Mr Surveillance for NVR security camera systems in all 6 of my stores. I am very happy with their professional installation service. I had a situation at my Sacramento store in the middle of the night, Ed my service technician was fast to respond, he helped me with the system at no charge. I would recommend Mr Surveillance to anyone who is looking for more than just a DVR security camera installation in Sacramento.

Sammy A. September 2011

I would like to thank, Mr Surveillance for the an awesome security system system installation at my Aunt Linda’s home. She has dementia can’t live totally on her own. She worries about; burglars, neighbors, or every complete stranger that passes by the front of her house. We have pretty big family, but we can only look in on her so often. Now we can look in on Aunt Linda at any time night or day. The awesome part is we can actually see and talk to through the system and she can talk to us, with out having to psychically go there. When we see is not looking right, we chat through the system. Your camera system has provided our family with a great service. Really, this means our Aunt Linda can continue to live on her own in her own home. The cost for our system, is next to nothing in comparison to the independence it provides her with… Thank You

GB Burns. November 10th, 2010

They did everything they said they would in a professional manner, respected my property, respected my time and great prices. $100 bucks per camera installation. They act like service professionals are suppose to.

Jenifer B. December 2013

They installed our security cameras in our office and warehouses. They have always arrived on time and responded quickly whenever we had issues or questions. I will recommend these guys to any of my friends. Thanks, Tom

Tommy J. May 10st, 2012

We Service the Northern California Area Including all the following Area’s:

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We are the leading service provider of custom surveillance systems across Northern California by exceeding our client’s expectations of service and professionalism we have become the best.Our Service Areas: Sacramento Ca, Antelope Ca, Arden Arcade Ca, Carmichael Ca, Fair Oaks Ca, Florin Ca, Foothill Farms Ca, Franklin Ca, Freeport Ca, Fruitridge Pocket Ca, Gold River Ca, La Riviera Ca, Lemon Hill Ca, North Auburn Ca, North Highlands Ca, Orangevale Ca, Rosemont Ca, Citrus Heights Ca, Elk Grove Ca, Folsom Ca, Rancho Cordova Ca, Alta Ca, Granite Bay Ca, Rocklin Ca, Roseville Ca, Loomis Ca

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Digital Video Recorder Installation

What features must i look for in a CCTV Dvr (DVR)?

All DVRs are not made equal! There are numerous factors that are critical to consider when purchasing a DVR, particularly when comparing price. The most important factors to look at include the number of cameras supported, feet per second (fps), compression technology, harddrive space, network connection / remote viewing capability, motion detection, scheduling, and skill to save video and audio to a CD or memory stick. You should also look for basic and comprehensive search capabilities (check out our ‘Smart Search’ technology) and audio support. The setup and user interface should be straightforward to operate and intuitive. The price range is different from as little as $300 for a basic 4 camera input DVR approximately $5000 for a 64 camera input real time H.264 DVR with 6 terabytes of hard disk storage!

What is FPS?

The frames per second (fps) relates to how many pictures the DVR will record in the second. Real time recording is around 30 fps on each camera. To calculate the fps per camera go ahead and take total fps in the system and divide it from the number of video inputs. As an example, a 60 fps digital video recorder with 4 video inputs would cause about 15 fps per camera. We’ve got the technology has finally reached the point now where real-time recording is affordable. If you’re recording cash registers or something similar then you should definitely purchase real time recording.

What size a hard drive do I need?

The amount of harddrive space is very important as it will limit the number of days of recording you can store before the system has to start recording over the oldest video. Each DVR may have its storage capacity classified by the specifications. However, this calculation is just a rough estimate as there are many factors which affect hard drive use. One of the most critical factor is the compression format utilised by the DVR (for more info on compression formats click this link). But also the type of cameras which might be connected to the DVR make any difference (specifically the chip size and determination) and also the features which can be selected on the DVR. The use of the scheduling or motion detection features or tune along the frame rate that will extend the storage capacity with the unit. Even the field of view (what you are recording) will modify the storage capacity – the more complex the image, the greater hard drive space it will require to capture the complexness.

What is the difference between a PC-based DVR as well as an Embedded DVR?

A PC-based dvr is basically a personal computer that is modified with hardware and software to work as a DVR. An embedded dvr is a machine that is manufactured specifically to be effective as a DVR. In embedded DVRs there is typically one circuit board with software burned to the chip.

There had been significant differences in features between your PC-based and the embedded machines. But recent advancements from the embedded DVR technologies the differences are becoming less. The advantages of an embedded digital dvr is that they are extremely stable and reliable since they contain fewer parts. The program is often written in basic machine code or Linux code which tends to be more stable than Windows software. The advantage of a PC based digital video recorders is that they are easier to interact with as you use the on-screen menus plus a mouse (as opposed to embedded that you just interact with more like a VCR – via buttons). And you also tend to have more features and choices on the PC-based machines.

So how exactly does a CCTV dvr work?

A CCTV dvr (or “DVR” for short) is essentially a computer that saves security video images into a hard drive. Most security cameras in these days capture an analog picture. The DVR converts from analog signals to digital and then compresses it.

Mr Surveillance in Sacramento (916) 550-4386

Many cameras may be connected to one DVR. DVRs generally have 4, 8, 16, or 32 camera inputs. The DVR will help you view all of these images at once or one at a time, causing all of the video is saved for the hard drive. Additional quads, switches, or multiplexors are certainly not required.

Are security digital video recorders difficult to install?

By no means. You simply plug the cameras in the back of the unit. For the PC-based: Plug in the monitor, power, mouse and keyboard – just like a regular computer. You’ll receive instructions on how to set up the machine using your shipment.

What comes with the DVR?

Most of our DVRs come standard with an 120 gig hard drive (unless otherwise noted). They also include the software (for setup, remote and local viewing), power cord, and documentation. PC-based DVR’s also come with the mouse and keyboard. You need to simply add the cameras, whatever cable you’ll need, and a monitor. For embedded machines you may use a TV set or security monitor. For PC-based machines you want a standard computer monitor. Also, we’ve on-site technical support available at no additional cost.

Why doesn’t the pc monitor come with the PC-based Digital Video Recorders?

We don’t supply the computer monitor with all the DVR because frankly you can find one cheaper and much easier locally. Large computer stores including Best Buy or Comp USA sell these monitors practically at cost. And due to their heavy weight, they’re very expensive to ship (and susceptible to damage). Also, we found that many of our customers have spare computer monitors available.

How do you see pictures from the remote site?

You can see the camera video over the internet using a modem that’s slow but can display A couple of frames every 5 seconds. Better is often a DSL or cable modem connection which may generally display 1 frame per second. When viewing remotely, the refresh minute rates are restricted by the communications medium (your internet connection speed). When playing back locally or viewing, the display would depend of the unit’s frame rate (fps). You might need a static ip address accessible to assign to the DVR (more details on this in your documentation).

What is ‘Smart Search’?

Our PC-based DVRs come standard with smart search capability. This enables you to highlight one area of a captured image and check out changes just to that area. For example, if an item is stolen from a desk… you can go to a moment in the video in which the item is still on the desk, then highlight the area around the item and appearance automatically through the video for the moment in time when that exact area changes, that is certainly precisely when the item is taken away and then view that part of the video. Extremely Effective!

Should I purchase the card and software and create my own digital video recorder or get one pre-built?

It is much better to acquire a DVR system pre-built instead of build one yourself. There are numerous compatibility issues with DVR cards and related software. They’re very sensitive to the type of motherboard in the computer, the cpu, the memory, the video card is important! We had to test a variety of configurations to find one that worked reliably. You additionally don’t want to be running every other software on the computer that your particular DVR is running on so that you need a dedicated computer anyway. We now have had so many customers phone us that have had problems installing cards in their own personal systems that we won’t even sell the cards separately anymore.

We Service the Northern California Area Including all the following Area’s:

(916) 550-4386

We are the leading service provider of custom surveillance systems across Northern California by exceeding our client’s expectations of service and professionalism we have become the best.Our Service Areas: Sacramento Ca, Antelope Ca, Arden Arcade Ca, Carmichael Ca, Fair Oaks Ca, Florin Ca, Foothill Farms Ca, Franklin Ca, Freeport Ca, Fruitridge Pocket Ca, Gold River Ca, La Riviera Ca, Lemon Hill Ca, North Auburn Ca, North Highlands Ca, Orangevale Ca, Rosemont Ca, Citrus Heights Ca, Elk Grove Ca, Folsom Ca, Rancho Cordova Ca, Alta Ca, Granite Bay Ca, Rocklin Ca, Roseville Ca, Loomis Ca