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Vandal / Tamper Proof Camera Installation

Most companies involved in the creation of security equipment offer vandal proof camera products and installation, and people can also order custom designs for special settings and situations. The common applications for tamper proof cameras include stores in regions vulnerable to vandalism, prisons, and high tech home alarm systems where functionality of the system is critical.

The camera is located in an accessible location, often dome-shaped, tough housing, that may resist attempts to shatter, break, or tear it apart. A layer of thick protective plastic or glass is positioned over the lens, thereby allowing the camera to be enclosed entirely. Limiting the exposure of camera components assures continued functionality. Signal wires and other devices are tucked inside the housing and into the wall, making it impossible for vandals to slice them or pull them out to interrupt the signal.

It may be possible to cover the device protecting the lens of a vandal proof camera there by making it hard to see. Usually, the fabric is designed to resist coatings like paints or markers, along with the sight of someone, attempting to stick something within the covering will alert somebody monitoring the camera to a crime in progress. When tapes are reviewed, the protection of the camera may allow it to snap some photographs prior to the vandal succeeding in disabling it.

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Coatings that will resist markers and tagging can be handy in environments where people are known to mark the camera housing. While a tamper proof camera can usually be covered in things like stickers, they may be easier to remove the coating from the housing than regular security cameras. The vandal proof camera itself will remain intact, reducing costs around rehabilitating security equipment after a vandalism.

Working around a vandal proof camera requires more skills and planning than al traditional security camera. This can work as a deterrent, reducing crime in an area, especially if all of the cameras installed are tamper proof, eliminating blind spots and rendering it impossible to engage in criminal activity without getting picked up on a camera somewhere in the vicinity. When cameras can pan, shift angles, and give other features, the housing may be designed to permit some mobility without exposing the camera body or lens.

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