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As security camera installations become more prevalent, it’s vital to choose the proper camera finest application. Use the following like a reference guide around the types of cameras out there and some of the key features for your upcoming installations.

Beyond this list, there are many other names that cameras are called, but most of those are related to the application in which the unit will be used vs. the sort of camera (i.e., nanny cam, front door cam, elevator cam, license-plate cam, etc.). Other references refer to housings, such as weatherproof, tamper-proof, etc.

Dome Camera

Dome cameras obtain their name from the dome-shaped housing by which they sit. These housings are built to make the cameras unobtrusive… not hidden or covert. The typical application are retail stores, where the camera is designed to be unobtrusive and still visible. These units serve a combination: “bad guys” will know the facility will be watched and patrons will feel safe knowing the facility is protected. Units that allow the camera to spin quickly inside housing are often called “speed domes.”

Bullet Camera

A bullet CCTV camera is often a wall-mount or ceiling-mounted unit that’s typically designed for indoor use, but tend to also be fill some outdoor applications. The camera derives its name looking at the sleek, thin cylindrical shape. Many bullet cameras also tout themselves being waterproof. The camera just isn’t typically designed to have pan/tilt/zoom control but instead to capture images coming from a fixed area. Being used mounted pointing at the particular area.

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Discreet Cameras

It’s clock… it’s a smoke detector… it’s motion sensor. The true answer is none of the above. These are merely some of the disguises for covert cameras. Naturally, covert cameras can be characterized by conventional cameras placed in discreet locations.

Covert/Desktop/Board Cameras

These tiny cameras are very well suited for desktop use for Skype as well as other low-resolution teleconference applications.

Outdoor Camera

The main element to outdoor cameras is the housing itself, which should be impenetrable to all moisture, dust, insects and other elements.This allows the camera to be stationed outside without concern. These cameras are perfect for parking lots, or exterior surveillance.

Infrared/Night Vision Cameras

These night-vision cameras manage to see images in pitch black conditions using IR LED’s. Occasionally they are for mobile applications. Infrared cameras are complete with heat imaging ability. These cameras provide the owner complete peace of mind even in the midst of the night.

Varifocal Camera

A camera using a varifocal lens allows the operator to zoom in or out while still maintaining focus on the image.

Day/Night Cam

Day/night cameras atone for varying light conditions to permit the camera to capture images. They are primarily used in outdoor applications in which the security camera is positioned with an outdoor parking lot, for instance. In many cases, units are dubbed as using a wide dynamic range to perform in glare, direct sunlight, reflections and strong back light 24/7.

Wireless Cameras

Not all wireless cameras are IP-based. Some wireless cameras may use alternative modes of wireless transmission. But it doesn’t matter what the transmission method, the main benefit to these units remains to be the same: extreme flexibility in any installation.

Network/IP Cameras

These cameras, both hardwired and wireless, transmit images on the internet, often compressing the bandwidth in order not to overwhelm the web. IP cameras are much easier to install than analog cameras as they do not require a separate cable run or power boost for you images over a longer distance.

High-Definition Cameras

Ultra high-definition cameras in many cases are relegated to niche markets, such as casinos. These provide the operators the ability to focus with extreme clarity (to think about poker players, for instance, who might have something up their sleeve). Previously, these cameras were tube-based analog cameras, but with today’s digital technology analog has been displaced. The cameras also can transmit their images using HD CCTV.

PTZ / Speed Domes

Pan / Tilt / Zoom cameras supply the surveillance operator to be able to move the camera left or right (pan); up and down (tilt); and zoom the lens farther or closer. These are related to surveillance situations its keep is an actual live guard or surveillance specialist monitoring the photographs. There are cameras which have automated pan/tilt/zoom functionality in which the camera is moving forward a timed basis. They’re many times used to cover an extensive area with only one camera, as well as to avoid poor light conditions, for instance a setting sun.

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