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Remote Monitoring System Installation in Sacramento

The feature to remote monitor your surveillance system is available through most DVR’s and all NVR’s. The remote monitoring feature allows you to view your security system on a computer laptop tablet or mobile phone in both Android and Apple devices. Remote monitoring is possible and other systems to like:

(Point of Sale) POS System Installation in Sacramento – For commercial use a POS is the over-the-counter debit or credit card system. It allows your customers to pay for their purchases. Many POS systems that have been installed in Sacramento, have their security camera system integrated. This allows for a merchant to view a video feed while looking at a particular receipt for a purchase that was taking place at the time.

Digital Timecard System Installation in Sacramento – The system will allow you to see your employee hours and all other information associated with the Time Card. System

Access Control System Installations in Sacramento – With remote viewing of your access control system you will be able to see who has entered your building or home.

Biometric scanner system installations in Sacramento – A biometric scanner can allow access to a certain part of your building only by providing a retinal or fingerprint scan. The system is typically integrated into your businesses security and data systems.

Home Alarm System Installation in Sacramento – Like a security camera system a home alarm system will allow you to view your alarm status along with video feeds through a remote platform. Typically the platform will be from the manufacturer of your IP camera or your DVR / NVR device.

Home Media Center and Home Theater Installation in Sacramento – through a simple platform like Windows media player you will be able to do you your home theater or your homes media center remotely on your mobile device.

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Digital Phone System Installation in Sacramento – Digital phone systems like PBX or VoIP have remote viewing capabilities. Typically you will be able to listen to recorded phone calls retrieve messages and voice mails, or check on performance based analytics for individual users.

(Internet Protocol Network) IP Network Installations in Sacramento – Most IP-based networks can be remotely viewed. Other features include server maintenance, remote desktop.

Digital Keypad and Keyless Door Lock Installations in Sacramento – These are often used in Hotels and Offices. Typically there is a web-based user interface that allows you to remotely view the activity of each device. Sometimes they can be integrated into your surveillance system in the same dashboard.

Most digital systems can be viewed remotely, through the manufacturer’s user interface. Through mobile apps the manufacturer has made it easy to access them for remote viewing. We always included in our installation thus set up of any remote viewing apps needed on our customers devices.

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