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PBX Phone Systems

(PBX) Telephone System – Private Branch Exchange

Voice Communications

A PBX (private branch exchange) phone system is a singularly flexible and reliable communications solution for small and giant companies a-like. A PBX system behaves as a central nexus point for all internal phone calls, and the system automatically handles switching connections between telephone users. Essentially, the PBX works as the central operator for message handling, phone call transactions, and retrieval.

Three forms of PBX solutions are offered by Mr Surveillance: IP PBX, Traditional PBX, and Managed PBX. Each offer distinctive advantages and suitability for various phone and messaging requirements. Mr Surveillance’s telecommunications engineers are fully certified for all major phone platforms, and therefore experts in the installation, maintenance, and upgrading any PBX Phone solutions in Sacramento California.

Which type of PBX strategy is appropriate for your company? That depends on many variables: phones needed, compatibility with existing equipment, features, available space and the level investment your organization is willing to execute . Briefly, here are some of the advantages each class of PBX system offers:

Traditional PBX

Traditional PBX systems provide you with the follow benefits:
Allows all employees to share the phone system lines, thereby reducing telecommunications expenses.
A PBX phone system is fully programmable and can support complex installation or integration scenarios.
PBX systems support all kinds of high-end communications options.
PBX systems are completely scalable, and can be easily expanded as your company grows.
The physical PBX hub features a small footprint and requires no unusual workplace accommodations.


An IP Telephone System or IP PBX consists of one or more software-based SIP phones, an IP PBX server, as well as an optional VoIP (Voiceover Ip) gateway, which is used to connect to existing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines.
The IP PBX server functions like a proxy server does. SIP clients register with your IP PBX server, and when they request a call the IP PBX to create the connection. The IP PBX carries a directory of phones, new users, and their corresponding SIP addresses, and establishes connections externally or internally. Calls are routed through either an internal VOIP gateway or even a VOIP service provider.

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IP-based PBXs provide the following unique reasons why it is typically the best for any organization in Sacramento CA:

Much easier to install & configure when compared to a proprietary phone system.
Easier to manage due to the centralized web/GUI based configuration interface.
Significant financial savings using VOIP providers over traditional phone solutions.
Eliminate phone wiring and vendor freeze.
Scalable for a companies changing phone requirements.
Enhanced customer satisfaction & productivity.
Twice the phone system features for half the cost!
Supports hot-desking & roaming.
Extended usability.
SIP phones are much easier to use than traditional phone devices.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX utilizes a secure internet connection to enable Mr Surveillance to deal with your entire phone installation from an offsite location. Now and again, cost savings of up to 85 percent have already been accomplished by switching from an inside PBX system to a hosted environment. The immediate and long-term advantages of hosted PBX include:
Attractive return and dramatic reduction in labor and equipment overhead.
All system maintenance costs are eliminated.
Mobility support. Through a hosted PBX system, your company can route their office numbers to mobile phones, which allows employees to take their office phone number from any location.
Guaranteed zero down time.

In Sacramento Mr Surveillance is the best choice for installation and design of any PBX System. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to develop and maintain any IP or non-IP based PBX system in Sacramento.

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