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Keypad Door Locks / Electronic Door Locks

An electronic lock (or keypad lock) is really a locking device which functions by means of electric current. Electric tresses are sometimes stand alone with an electronic control assembly mounted directly to the lock. Often electric locks are associated with an access control system. The advantages of an electric lock, associated with an access control system include: key control, where keys might be added and removed without re-keying the lock cylinder; access control, where by making time and place issues; and logging transactions, where the activity is recorded.

The standard type of electronic lock is a magnetic lock (commonly called a mag lock). A big electro-magnet is mounted on the door frame and a corresponding armature is installed on the door. When the magnet is powered as well as the door is closed, the armature takes place fast to the magnet. Mag locks are simple to install and they are very attack resistant. One drawback is when improperly installed or maintained mag locks can fall on people. Additionally one must unlock the mag lock to both enter and then leave. For most commercial doors are moving onto stand alone locks, or electric locks installed within a access control system.

Electric strikes (also called electric latch release) replace a regular strike mounted on the door frame and have the latch and latch bolt. Electric strikes may be simple to install when they are designed for drop-in replacement of a regular strike, although some electric strikes require the door frame be heavily modified.

Installing a strike into a Fire Listed Door (for open backed strikes on a pairs of doors) or Frame should be done under listing agency authority or no modifications to the frame are expected (mostly for commercial doors and frames).

Electric strikes allow mechanical free egress. Electric strikes can also be either fail unlocked (except in Fire Listed Doors, because they must remain latched when power isn’t present), as a mag lock, or more secure fail lock. Electric strikes are easier to attack than a mag lock. You can actually lever the door open on the strike, as often there is an increased gap relating to the strike and the door latch. Latch protection is often used to cover this gap.

Electric mortise and cylindrical locks are drop in replacements for the door mounted mechanical locks. A dent must be drilled in the door for electricity wires. Also a power transfer hinge is employed to get the power from the door frame for the door. Electric mortise and cylindrical locks allow mechanical free egress. Electric mortise and cylindrical locks may be either fail unlocked or fail locked. In the USA, UL rated doors must retain their rating. In new construction doors are cored after which rated. In retrofits, the doors have to be re-rated.

Electrified exit hardware, sometimes called panic hardware or crash bars, are employed in fire exit applications. One pushes up against the bar to open it, which makes it the easiest of mechanically free exit methods. Electrified exit hardware may be either fail unlocked or fail locked. A drawback of an electrified exit is their complexity, which requires skill to put in and maintenance in order to guarantee proper function.

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