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DVR Security System Installation

So you are looking to invest into a surveillance DVR? Many questions arise when trying to understand what they need. People coming from all backgrounds have very different reasons why they need a Mr Surveillance DVR. It’s very hard to list all the different CCTV applications we’ve consulted. In fact, we have listed the most crucial questions you should consider before buying a surveillance DVR.

Just what is a DVR?

A Surveillance DVR is a digital video recorder. In the CCTV industry and security world, it’s a machine used to capture live video data also it stores it on a hard drive for later viewing. A Surveillance DVR also controls the best way one can manipulate their video cameras. There are two types of DVRs. There are standalone DVRs and PC based DVRs. Both are employed differently to achieve a wide array of goals. Typically, a standalone Surveillance DVR is perfect for small applications and PC based Surveillance DVRs are for more complex and more user oriented.

How much do security DVRs cost?

The cost of a surveillance digital video recorder varies based on the security application and what you are attempting to accomplish. There are many factors that may cause the price of DVR to rise or fall. Obviously, the more complex a CCTV setup may be the more features and parts you will have to reach your goal. We sell discount surveillance DVRs for well with simple and small applications.

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Many small businesses and residential clients buy our cheaper and smaller DVRs. We sell refurbished DVRs, we provide cheap deals on quality DVR models. We personally give our refurbished DVRs TLC and they’re rebuilt to last. If the application calls for more face to face user approach or you demand more than 16 security cameras, then a PC based surveillance DVR option would be the best solution. All the technology built to come with a PC surveillance DVRs are high quality and they all offer real time recording. These are just some small examples to offer you a better perspective on how to approach pricing your surveillance DVR. If you have more questions call Mr Surveillance (916) 550-4386 and speak with a technician today!

What kind of Mr Surveillance DVR do I need for my House?

We have lots of residential homeowners come to us for any advice on what style of DVR they require for their home. Often many people are not sure if they need a PC based surveillance DVR or even a standalone surveillance DVR. We always consult with our clients to think more about what they are trying to do or what they desire to accomplish before comparing certain equipment. If you do this it really helps you figure out what you may need. For most homeowners standalone DVRs are the most useful choice for many reasons. First, standalone DVRs are stable and straightforward to maintain. Solutions like standalone DVRs allow homeowners to it is a set it and forget it. Typically most homeowners go with a the 4 channel standalone DVR. Homes usually have up to four security cameras and they are mounted at the front, back and sides of your home. This is all you really need to get a surveillance system started. If you prefer a cheaper solution to getting a DVR check out our refurbished DVRs, we have some discount prices that you can’t pass up, check with us to see what we have in stock.

Just what PC based surveillance DVR?

In the world of surveillance, there are two types of platforms that DVRs may be built. Most people think of a PC since it is user friendly, comes with great surveillance DVR software, plus they have room to expand. We consider the base of a PC and adapt it to manage DVR cards, that capture video and store it’s internal hard disk drives. A PC’s platform is fantastic for allowing many security cameras to be added to a closed circuit system. Another good reason that PC based surveillance DVRs are perfect options to build on, is due to the sheer size of the surveillance DVR cases we use to build a PC. There is a great deal of room inside these rack mount solutions we engineer. You won’t get this kind of efficiency from your standalone surveillance DVR. Standalone surveillance DVRs are manufactured for smaller CCTV applications that never intend on expanding.

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What is a Standalone DVR?

A standalone DVR can be an embedded into the security system but is a non-expandable DVR solution. It runs outside of Windows and operates on Linux shell. Many standalone DVRs are also known as embedded DVRs. An embedded DVR works in the specific focus or task. Which means that you are looking at devices that run on an embedded Linux real time operating system. A real time Operating System, works off flashing memory instead of hard drive setups. In the CCTV world, you utilize standalone DVRs for simple applications. Many homeowners and smaller businesses use these standalone DVRs as a quick solution to the problem or situation that’s developing. You can find many standalone DVRs starting at $199 to get a 4 channel setup. You can also get a standalone DVR up to 16 channels. Sometimes, there are solutions up 32 channels, but it is very rare to need those solutions. So if you have a specific task so you want to integrate an easy and reliable DVR to handle your real-time video, playback, recording, and multiplexing of your security camera system, then you should focus on a standalone security DVR.

Which kind of surveillance DVR should I use for my business?

Initially when preparing a CCTV setup the target should be deciding between a PC based surveillance DVR or perhaps an embedded surveillance DVR. This will depend solely on what you are attempting to do! Both options have unique ways to help you protect or survey certain facets of your business. In fact, neither will surely out do each other. The applying you have will determine which will perform most optimally. PC based DVRs, seem like the most suitable choice, but often are not the most effective choice. Depending on what kind of business you operate will answer what system you’ll need. If you own a small outlet, fine dining restaurant, fast food restaurant, doctor’s office and several other quick/convenience shopping you will benefit best from a standalone DVR.

Standalone DVRs are built to function at a specific focus. There’s no manipulation like the options you receive with a Windows graphical user interface. The alternatives on a standalone DVR will be to adjust operating values or rates. You may still adjust recording frames per second, playback video, schedule recording setups, and several other operation functions. You will probably have a remote to operate the DVR as well as the front of the surveillance DVR could have buttons to activate certain options.

If you’re a commercial business, industrial plant, market, warehouse operation, distribution center, seaport, or other high volume application you need to look into a PC based DVR. In these applications, you have many variables that need to be adjusted to get the maximum amount of video to help you management streamline their operation in several areas. A PC surveillance DVR gives users a much better software platform to interface using their security cameras. Another good reason to think about a PC based surveillance DVR is the ability for them to expand. A large number of high traffic business organizations have plans for grow more security camera systems to their system. With PC surveillance DVRs, you can go from 8 security cameras to 64 if needed. Having the ability to expand your CCTV method is a priceless option and is exactly why they are preferred over standalone DVRs.

However, that solely is dependent upon what you are trying to achieve.

A digital video recorder is also referred as a personal video recorder. A DVR is a device or application software that records surveillance footage to a hard drive, SD card, USB flash drive or other network.

There are two types of recorders DVR’s and NVR’s. NVR’s are newer and are typically used in conjunction with IP cameras. The compression on and NVR is greater allowing you to store more information in a smaller size file. That means better quality resolution in a smaller’s file size.

The industry for these type of recorders has exploded over the last half a decade. There are hundreds of different quality manufacturers out there. So deciding on which is the best for you, can sometimes be a major headache. When shopping for a DVR security system to install on your home your want to pay attention to the features that the device offers. One of the major factors to consider is the amount of space on the drive. Also thought should be given to the compression rate to gauge the amount of time of footage that you can store on the hard drive. It is typical to use 500 GB in about two weeks with a normal surveillance system.

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